#23: Bernard Herrmann Sci-Fi & Fantasy At Fox

In this episode, West plays music composed by Bernard Herrmann for science fiction and fantasy films from 20th Century Fox.

Music in this episode includes:

“Andante Cantabile” and “Prelude” from The Ghost And Mrs. Muir

“Prelude”, “The Grotto” and “Giant Chameleon” from Journey To The Center Of The Earth

“Good Vibrations (Stereo Backing Track)” by The Beach Boys

“The Elevator / Magnetic Pull” and “Outer Space / Radar” from The Day The Earth Stood Still

“Good Vibrations” music composed by Brian Wilson; all other music composed by Bernard Herrmann

BONUS TRACK: “I Have Dreamt” from Wuthering Heights by Bernard Herrmann, libretto by Lucille Fletcher

“I have dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me forever – and have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and have altered the color of my mind. I dreamt once that I was in heaven, and that heaven did not seem to be my home. And I broke my heart with weeping to see the heath again. And the angels flung me back to Earth, and Wuthering Heights, where I awoke sobbing for joy.”

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