#22: Philip Glass & Errol Morris

In this episode, West plays music composed by Philip Glass for three documentaries directed by Errol Morris. Plus, breaking news from the Musical Notation Action News Desk regarding the Led Zeppelin trial!

Music in this episode includes:

“The Typewriter” by Leroy Anderson

“Taurus” by Randy Wolfe aka Randy California; performed by Spirit

“Stairway To Heaven” by Jimmy Page & Robert Plant; performed by Led Zeppelin

“My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison

“He’s So Fine” by Ronald Mack; performed by The Chiffons

“Dodger Stadium” by Emilio Kauderer

“Dune: Main Title” by Toto

“Another Girl, Another Planet” by Peter Perrett; performed by The Only Ones

“Don’t Stop Believin'” by Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry & Neal Schon; performed by Journey

“Looking”, “Prologue”, “Adam’s Theme”, “A Brief History Of Time”, “Slow, Simple, Sad 3”, “100,000 People”, “The War To End All Wars” and “The Fog Of War” by Philip Glass

BONUS TRACK: “Miller’s Theme #2” by Philip Glass

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