#19: 80’s Soundtrack Corner – ATHENS, GA. – INSIDE/OUT

West likes soundtrack albums from the 80’s, and will occasionally play some of them at you! In this episode, West returns to the 80’s Soundtrack Corner to play music from the 1987 rock documentary Athens, GA. – Inside/Out.

Music in this episode includes:

“Rise Above” by Black Flag

“Jet Fighter” by The Three O’Clock

“Rolling Moon” by The Chills

“About A Girl” by Nirvana

“Fun To Be Happy” by Love Tractor

“Swan Swan H” by R.E.M.

“His And Hearse” by Bar-B-Q Killers

“Window Sill” by Time Toy

“Jet Tone Boogie” by Flat Duo Jets

“Golden” by Dreams So Real

“Pretty” by Love Tractor

“Na Na Na Na” by The Squalls

“Crazy” by R.E.M.

“Crazy” by Pylon

“Stop It” by Pylon

“Italian Movie Theme” by Pylon

BONUS TRACK: “Crack In The Sidewalk” by House Of Freaks

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